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Badam Halwa

Hey everyone!

For all those who have had a good start to the week, bro you’ll are brave (like seriously)! And to those like me who couldn’t , I have a sweet way to make your week go easy. Below is a recipe of Badam Halwa that I have been wanting to try for a very long time now. And when ever I try a new recipe I like to have a few taste buds (or probably guinea pigs) to judge the dish out. And I got this perfect opportunity when the fam had planned a weekend outing last weekend to Egaila.

The recipe that I had was from the India’s finest chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. i did not follow the recipe to the T, as mentioned, that’s not something I excel at. I obviously had a few of my inputs and changes. And did I forget to mention its super easy and the perfect recipe to try out for first timers or newly wed brides to impress the in laws (like they will never know you have never even boiled water before). Also almonds are known to make your memory better which is definitely what we need to get through this week (god save us). Cutting the blabbering short, below is a recipe which you guys have to try out (like try it)! Continue reading “Badam Halwa”

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Hello Sunday!

Helloooo y’all!

Writing this post means an end to the long awaited Hala Feb weekend (3 days looooooooooong weekend bro! *put’s on shades to act cool*). For those not in Kuwait, Hala Feb is a month long celebration in Kuwait on the occasion of Kuwait’s National day on 25th Feb and Liberation day on 26th. The Hala Feb celebration includes amazing sales, beautiful decor, amazing food and crazy crowd on the roads. In theory Hala Feb is also celebrated as the commencement of spring (which means bye winters. You will be missed, not!) Continue reading “Hello Sunday!”

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Travel Bucket List


Hey you guysss!!

So today’s post (more like a dream) is about the places I have to visit before I die (like I’m coming back as a ghost and visiting if required). This was a list I have been having for as long as I could remember (no jokes, have even the print outs of the pictures and stuck on my wall). So without ranting much (I can go on about my beautiful wall of dreams) my TRAVEL BUCKET LIST:

Continue reading “Travel Bucket List”

Mind Talk · Series

Marriage. Are you ready?

Hey everyone!

While making a list of topics of what I should write for a proper post, I thought why not speak about this question that I was asked by many ‘are you ready for marriage’? even after I got married. I mean this is the question that keeps lingering in my head that actually makes me whine a lot to the mister that I can’t do this marriage thing, it’s child abuse (hello big eye roll from husband). And then I eventually stop and get back to normal life (things that don’t include ‘the man’) and I forget about the cribbing. Continue reading “Marriage. Are you ready?”


First blog post

Hey everyone!

First, thank you so much for stopping by and second, yo waddup bros? I shall start by introducing myself as Mrs. (whoa!) Farheen Shoaib Sayed (still taking my dad’s name), wife of Sameer Manyar (husband needed some recognition, that’s all you get bro!). A loving daughter (thanks mommy), pain in the *** kind of elder sister, good friend, corporate slave and now donning the hat to be an ‘amazing’ wife.  Continue reading “First blog post”