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Awakening of Julia Child in me

Hey guys!

This is no recipe post where I write about how I have been able to master another baking technique. This post is when I get all Mindy, you know the kind from the Mindy project, which I do get from time to time. Please be prepared for a long personal blog post where impart my knowledge to this beautiful big world (Wears the smart glasses). I have been asked by many as to what came over me or how and when did I start baking? And the answer to this is, I don’t know, I was probably born with this skill (please keep your chappals aside).

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Wedding Series

Hey everyone!

This topic has been something I have wanting to write ever since I got married. Wedding planning, dress fittings, trousseau shopping, honeymoon booking and so on. The list goes on and on. And the whole wedding planning process can take a toll on new brides that can result in a few tantrums, a bridezilla and the worst some breakouts (trust me, we can even manage a bridezilla but a break out before your big day is like your worst nightmare coming to life). Continue reading “Wedding Series”

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Zebra Cake

Chocolate cake is a yes, vanilla cake is also a yes. Now imagine both the flavours combined. Now that’s what you call a win win situation. Over the weekend, I got a chance to bake this beauty. The Zebra or Marble cake is a texted cake made with both flavours that when baked gives us this beautiful textured pattern. The cake being a delicacy also has some beautiful memories. This was the cake I had baked when the husband had come to Kuwait from Dubai to meet me for the first time (tricks to woo the man) and the cake worked, it was a yes! (lol jk, it was a yes before he even landed in Kuwait). So without further ado, let’s cake baby! Continue reading “Zebra Cake”

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2016 Must Watch – Bollywood

Hey everyone!

The weekend is fast approaching which makes the little baby inside me very happy. And moreover this weekend I’m flying in to Dubai to see the husband (And the girl inside me is happy now). But for all those who aren’t travelling and refuse to leave their beds, I have a list of all the movies released in 2016, that should be on your watch list (saying with a gun on your head). The list is made from movies that have been nominated and/or won at the Filmfare Awards (Hello Oscars in a burkha). Continue reading “2016 Must Watch – Bollywood”

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#CoffeeShots – Maternity Leave & More

1. Maternity Leave

So this week, the internet shook (like there was an earthquake) when India passed the bill to extend the paid maternity leave to up to 26 weeks (which is a lot, I think I might just get pregnant now, lol jk). Anywho, Mashabale wrote about this, which made me realise that bro this has gone international. Makes us cool, yo!

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Why do people think ‘perfect daughter-in-law’ is a good idea?

Hey everyone!

The other day, I was having the perfect weekday evening of lying in jammies while I scorch my brains with lots of melodrama, heavy costumes, and not to forget the over the top acting. Don’t judge me, I like my Indian soap operas on occasions when there is no chilling with Netflix (no pun intended). Plus that’s how to wind up after a long day at work. Maybe that’s just me? (I need to learn other ways of leading a sane life). And to all the never ending dramas, there was one common plot: ‘tu meri bete k layak nahiin hai’. With this the hypocritical mother in law meant, how did my son fall for a dweep like you, I mean just look at you. And this common plot of bullying the daughter in law (who I must say, bro get a life, no body is so selfless to get your own husband married off to a scheming woman, just because your mother in law asked you to do so), actually got me to thinking about the whole perfect daughter in laws that all parents want for their not so perfect son.

PS,  long post alert!

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