Hi, my name is Farheen Sayed and I write the blog Life in a Pie. I am an Indian, living in Kuwait and in a long distance marriage with my husband in Dubai.

I am newly wed bride, caught between work and not doing anything after I get home (the perks of a long distance marriage..) So I decided to focus my energy on something that I have always loved, ‘writing’.

I was suggested to write a book, but that is just too much use of this little head. So instead, I have decided to write about our everyday life, with a little input from my struggle as a new wife,  to my travel lust, my new home and daily conversations.

This is just going to be my simple place, where I can blurt out my mind, while you get to sneak a little time off from your daily routine.

Thank you for coming this way and I hope to see you around.