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I’m Back!


Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all doing absolutely great, because I surely am. Before I begin writing, I would first like to apologize for being off the blog and would also like to give a big shout out to all those lovely people who kept checking on my return. So bwoyz, I’m back! And back with a bang (shit just got real). 

So where was I the past couple of months? … While the world was continuing to live their life, I was setting up a whole new one for myself in an all new country. I had finally moved to Dubai to join the husband. We had moved in to this beautiful studio apartment. It was cozy space set up to reflect the taste of our lives sprinkled with lots of love in every corner. This was my first home so the husband and I had gone all out in setting this space up for ourselves. Once we did, it was Ramadan. And with the start of the Holy month comes in the trial of all yummy recipes for Iftaar (these shall be revealed on the blog soon.. yusss!!), lots of duas and regular prayers

With lots of weight gaines we culminated our holy month, with a lovely Eid break at a close friend’s home in Ruwais (a small city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, about 400 Kms from Dubai). A road trip to and fro from Ruwais, again more yummy food and a good time with friends, I had made up my mind that I would return to the blog as soon as I am back to Dubai. And I actually did by working on a few posts. But tragedy struck (yes, heavy background music please). We had to vacate our current flat as there were some legal issues with the landlord and owner. With a heavy heart, the husband and I had to start looking for a new place (literally beghar, please feel sorry with some chocolate, ok?).

I was very upset with the fact, that it hadn’t even been 2 months in to our new place we had to move. All the time, effort, love (and even money) that we put into this place, we had to move out and leave it all behind. But in all the stress and worry of leaving our old place and shifting in to a new one, my mum kept reminding me to not think of the negative aspects, look in to the positive side, you’ll be moving in to a bigger and better apartment and everything happens for a reason, a good reason. Trust me guys, a few positive words in any stressful time actually helps. It sure did with me and I know it will surely work for all (some gyaan given out, you’re welcome).

Once moved in to the new place, I got crazy busy again with setting up this place. And honestly I am much happier here than I was earlier. Its a beautiful and spacious one bedroom apartment in a lovely locality of Dubai. And I have a new friend too living with us, Zuno, a cute little turtle who loves to eat and loves to sleep even more.

So this is what was up with me. And since I have settled in and settled in good, I have returned to my baby. Hoping to receive all the love from you guys once again.

P.S. The last post was about the wedding series, I will be working on them and publishing the first post in the series very soon.

Until then xx

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