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Wedding Series

Hey everyone!

This topic has been something I have wanting to write ever since I got married. Wedding planning, dress fittings, trousseau shopping, honeymoon booking and so on. The list goes on and on. And the whole wedding planning process can take a toll on new brides that can result in a few tantrums, a bridezilla and the worst some breakouts (trust me, we can even manage a bridezilla but a break out before your big day is like your worst nightmare coming to life).

I’m writing all of this to include my two areas of interest writing and weddings (lots of hearts in the air). Wedding are so much fun, especially Indian weddings that last for days. Mine did for five whole days but the hustle bustle in the house began eight months ago when the alliance between my husband and me was fixed, back in May. Even though there were eight long months, the whole planning process took a lot of time to execute as we had to plan the wedding one country and execute it in another while my fiancé was based in a third. And this whole planning the best wedding of the year (oh hell yes) actually took a toll on me (had a lot of spa appointments, hashtag no regrets)

The following seven weeks, I will be dedicating my energy and all my time on working on one topic each week with a detailed and personal insight on dos and don’ts, hacks to get your way around, details and contacts of my vendors that will cater to your requirements no matter which part of the world you are sitting in and so on and so forth. The wedding series will focus on seven key aspects of the whole wedding series:

  1. Wedding Journal
  2. Picking the perfect outfit and accessories
  3. Building the right trousseau
  4. Wedding Planning and Execution: Design & Food
  5. Wedding Parties: Cocktails, Showers & More
  6. How to be a good host
  7. Honeymoon

There have been a lot of moments where I have fallen and cried over a broken zipper and then there were those where losing the reception dupatta didn’t bother me at all. It’s all a beautiful story now that I would love to write about in the hope that will help future brides and at the same time you’ll will get a nice read on the whole wedding series.

Please bear in mind that the posts could be long but all written with a lot of love as this is my own journey and I have lived and walked it. These are my first hand experiences and I have a lot of awe towards them. And you’re more than welcome to love, appreciate and share them so my wedding story can live on and on for generations to come.

Coming up next in the series is the first post on wedding journal and I am very excited (lots of yeeeee) to start this project. Until then lots and lots of wedding gaanas on loop xx

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