Coffee Shots · Series

#CoffeeShots – Maternity Leave & More

1. Maternity Leave

So this week, the internet shook (like there was an earthquake) when India passed the bill to extend the paid maternity leave to up to 26 weeks (which is a lot, I think I might just get pregnant now, lol jk). Anywho, Mashabale wrote about this, which made me realise that bro this has gone international. Makes us cool, yo!

2. When you want to speak about Korea with daddy

Talking about kids and maternity leave, some kids who made the internet fall on the floor laughing were 2 siblings of a BBC news guest, who came in dancing in to the room, when their dad Professor Robert Kelly was giving a live interview bout his reaction to the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye. Imagine, getting famous because of your kids walking in and not your critical theory on Korean politics. Watch the video here.

3. When Mo gets a Bugatti for his birthday

For all those not familiarized with Mo Vlogs, Mohammad is a super rich, British vlogger, living with his mum and sister in Dubai. His YouTube channel has more that 3 million subscribers. he vlogs everyday about his extravagant lifestyle, his expensive cars and about his cats also. His recent vlog, uploaded just yesterday was about him being surprised with a new Bugatti for his birthday.

4. One Pot Chow Mein

I absolutely love the blog Buzz Feed and Tasty. These are my go to pages I have to check out before I fall asleep. So the other day, Tasty posted a video of a one pot chow mein, which can be made by Ramen/Maggi noodles. I love chow mein and who wouldn’t love the idea of one pot without having many dishes to clean. Plus the recipe looks so simple and yummy and I’m definitely going to try is sooner (A food post maybe?). Watch the recipe above or READ IT HERE.

5. New Sanam song

For those of you not aware, I am obsessed with all Sanam songs. And when I opened YouTube today morning, there was treat in store for me. Sanam published his new video, his amazing version of ‘Ae Kash Ke Hum’. Leave everything and Listen, Listen, Listen right now!!!!! Also, if you’re not someone in to old Bollywood songs, Sanam is what will make you love them. Plus the parents will love his version as he does not mess with the music and add a stupid remix touch to it.

This is it for this week, until next time!

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