Hello Sunday! · Series

Hello Sunday!

Helloooo y’all!

Writing this post means an end to the long awaited Hala Feb weekend (3 days looooooooooong weekend bro! *put’s on shades to act cool*). For those not in Kuwait, Hala Feb is a month long celebration in Kuwait on the occasion of Kuwait’s National day on 25th Feb and Liberation day on 26th. The Hala Feb celebration includes amazing sales, beautiful decor, amazing food and crazy crowd on the roads. In theory Hala Feb is also celebrated as the commencement of spring (which means bye winters. You will be missed, not!)

The weekend started with a me cuddling in to bed and binge watching drop dead diva on netflix. Cz bro, that’s what a 25 year old see’s her weekend(speak for yourself). Then headed to our amazing neighbours for a game night followed by CHICKENNNNNN (hearts in the eyes). Chic King for dinner bro (the desi version of KFC, cz there has to be a desi version of everything!!!)

For the first day, gang (yes gang, cz we are bad asses like that) had planned a BBQ day out at beach, where the men took charge over the fire (Cz Chandler and Joey made the BBQ as the man’s job). With a lovely sunset, amazing grilled meat, lovely company and tons of fun, my Friday was just how I wanted to kick start this long weekend.

Oh did I forget to mention, the girls were included just a day before the plan since Messilah beach was family only. And girls were needed to enter. Thanks guys, we feel so privileged. Said all the 5 girls in a ‘gang’ of 15


If I haven’t mentioned before, food is life!
The Gang
Crystal & Prajwal

Oh and introduction part: Crystal, my best friend and soul sister (literally) and Prajwal, the man of every hour.



A special mention to our hundredth attempt at the mannequin challenge which failed miserably even at the hundredth attempt cz staying still is not what we excel at (special mention on the resume):

After getting back home, I got into the kitchen to prepare some halwa as part of my contribution to the family outing planned for day 2. I made Badam Halwa. For my first try, I deserve a pat on my back!

Day begin’s with us filling our stomachs to some mouth watering ah so amazing McDonald’s breakfast (wear shades to act cool). After we done eating of an elephant’s worth of food, The awesome cousins and amazing neighbours headed to Egaila beach park for some quality family time and fooooooooooooood (Cz that’s what keep’s us all bonded). So again, we played like a lot of different kind of outdoor games (cz, again, we’re cool like that!).

Oh and we flew kites (wear cool shaded again!)

La Familia (hearts)
Building castles with Mr. Squarepants


A special mention to these 1961 can’s inspired Pepsi can’s for the Hala Feb! Oh also there are these cool KitKat special edition packs for Hala Feb (grab them before they stop and become one of the cool people like me :p )

It took ages, weird angles, dirty pants and really wet feet (not to forget in very cold waters and rocky beds) to get this shot. I deserve a standing ovation. If you’re reading this, I actually expect you’ll to stand and clap. Please

And now a static shot of this can (because I was that involved in this project and you should know about it):


As for day 3, my body just denied to crawl out of bed. Had plans for Ikea, but my body’s Ikea was literally crumbling and refused the idea of changing out of my PJ’s. With this folks came an end to a nice, long, much awaited, much required weekend.

Until next time.

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